Levitating Air Plant Pot

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Walnut base
Walnut base
Light wood base
Light wood base
US Plug
US Plug

Plants Meet Levitation

This tranquil contemporary decor will allow you to cultivate your favorite plants while bringing a chic, modern touch to your home or office. With the ability to rotate continuously at 360 degrees, your plants will stay adequately nourished, keeping them stronger and healthier.

Designed in Sweden by our talented team, in line with Nordic elegance and minimalism. It consists of a planter that hovers over an oak base via magnetic levitation, gently rotating during suspension.

The magnetic field of the earth has powerful effects on all life forms, especially plants. We’ve been investigating the effects of magnetism on plants as it uses maglev technology.

Studies have shown that plants surrounded by a magnetic field tend to grow faster, taller, bigger, and healthier, as measured by plant height, leaf size, and selected parameters related to their health status.

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We created the Floating Plant Pot to introduce this experience at home or in the office where you can enjoy plants – but in a new way.

Easy and simple setup. No special instructions or skills needed.

The bowl is splash-proof letting you water your plants in it and letting you nurture a live plant indoor. We have made sure the design aesthetics don’t compromise the much needed features in a product of this nature. Simply take the bowl off levitation mode, water your plant and have it up and spinning again in no time. It lets you nurture a small plant of your choice in your living room, making it beautifully levitate – something never done before. Not only can you have the plant sit right next to your bed or by your study table, you can have it sit at the window sill. No matter where it is placed it’s assured to give you a relaxing feel every time you see it levitating and spinning gracefully.

How to Levitate?


Place the plant and base on a flat, nonmetallic surface. Connect the AC Adapter to the power, and the other DC plug to the base.


With two hands, hold the plant above the center of the base and slowly put the plant down towards the base. When you feel resistance, adjust the plant until you feel a gentle release. Keep the plant stable for a few seconds.

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Once you feel that the plant is almost balanced in mid-air (not falling down or being pushed up), slowly let go until the plant begins to rotate by itself.

Setup Video:



  • Plant Not Include: please plant the suitable small indoor plants in the bonsai pot.
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