Fire Spindle – Man vs Wild


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  • Type:¬†Emergency Fire Starters

100% brand new and high quality!
The hand-drawn rod is polished for the superior main material, and the surface is fine without hurting the hand.
The fire board is made of high quality paulownia wood.
The fire board has 10 holes and reserves more than 10 holes for customers to experience the fun of fire.
The product uses high carbon steel bearings, and the number of rotations can reach more than 10,000 times.
The rope has high bearing capacity and good wear resistance.

Material: wood
Color: brown
Size: Hardwood fire bow: 40 cm(approx)
Pre-notched fireboard: 33 cm(approx)
Spindle: 39 cm(approx)

1 pc x Hardwood fire bow
1 pc x Pre-notched fireboard
1 pc x Spindle
1 pc x Tinder