21 Useful Camping Supplies You Don’t Want to Forget

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How many times have you gone camping and set up camp only to realize you had forgotten something small, but significant?

No more!  Here’s a list of camping supplies to remember, that are commonly forgotten. What I like to do is have a large plastic Tupper-ware box where I store all these camping supplies. It keeps everything together and ready for the next camping trip. If I use up a particular camping item, I write down what needs to be replaced on a piece of paper. This way I know what needs to be added for the next camping trip.

Camping Supplies to Remember:

Waterproof Matches with a Piece of Sandpaper – The rough strike area on the match box always wears out.

Manual Can Opener – When the fish aren’t biting there’s always beans.

Wash Rags – They’re good for dish rags, drying hands and kids in a pinch.

Pliers – Regular and Needle-nose. These are great for skinning catfish among many other things.

Paring Knife – Peeling potatoes to cutting a kids fishing pole from a bush.

Safety Pins – Temporary fix to repair clothes, zippers etc. Can even be used to hook a worm.

Calamine Lotion – Soothes just about any bug bite or rash.

Big Box of Band-aids and a large Tube of Antibiotic Ointment – For all the “ouchies” that are going to happen.

Metal Silverware – At least a fork for everybody and large cooking spoons.

Pocket Raincoats – Cheap and help when it’s damp and cold.

Camping Supplies to Remember

Old Sauce Pan – Essential for cooking meals and can be used for washing dishes in.

Sewing Kit – Scissors and needles in case something needs repairing. It happens…

Plastic Drop Cloth or Tarp – Put it under your tent or sleeping bag to keep out the damp.

Tin Foil – Use it for cooking and protecting your food, removing rust and much more! You’ll realize how handy it is once you have it on hand.

Ziplock Bags – Helps keep all your stuff organized, food fresh, as well as preventing bugs from getting into your food.

Old Plastic Bowls and Glasses – Nothing fancy or breakable. Plastic dishes are the best thing for camping plus, they’re easy to wash.

Checkout our Camping Pocket Guide with useful Advice and Tips for Your next Camping Trip.

Dish Soap & Sponge – One of the most forgotten camping supplies. It is quite handy when you need to wash up the dishes or wipe a table down.

Duct Tape –  They don’t say it has 101 uses for nothing. It can repair holes in tents, tarps or air mattresses. Put it on feet to prevent blisters or use it to help bandage injuries. Bring Duct Tape when camping. At some point you’ll be glad you did.

Hot Pads – Whatever is coming off the campfire or grill is going to be hot. Make sure you have a hot pad to put the pot on.

Washing Line & Clothes Pins -When things get dirty and wet (which they will) you’ll want to hang them out to dry.

Extra Batteries – Don’t be left in the dark. The last thing you want is darkness to fall and realize your flashlight is out of juice.

Now you are geared with a list of  camping supplies, that are most commonly forgotten. None of these camping supplies cost much. But they have sure saved me time and again. If you can remember to pack all these supplies you’ll be one step closer to a blissful camping trip.

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